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Everybody knows that social media is the way to reach millions of people. We have partnered with several large Facebook groups and Instagram pages, to help us get the word out about our events as well as your brand. We currently are partnered with several pages and groups that have a combined 2.2 million followers. In addition we are continuously trying to add more to our portfolio. The bottomline is this, you want a return on your investment. Well, we can deliver that. Its the power of numbers and one of many reasons why you should partner with us. Other reasons might be that we put on great events with great music. We believe in the TEAM concept. We want to build life long relationship and friendships not just business contacts. So we look forward to working for you and building that life long relationship.




We offer several lodging options for your group or family ski trip on the mountain resort. Fine tune your ski capabilities in a matter of a few days by exploring all the slopes in the area and visiting the many restaurants and bars.